Duffin’s Grocery. . .know anyone who remembers it?


Duffin’s Grocery Store was built in 1925 by S.L. Newton at 1604 Princeton Ave. and was run by Clarence Duffin in conjunction with William Wood & Sons meat market. Duffin’s was the only market within Yalecrest and designed to have the same setback and blend in with the surrounding houses. This property has now been turned into a personal residence.

1604 Princeton Avenue, when it was a beauty salon.

1604 Princeton Avenue, when it was a beauty salon.

In addition to the grocery store, the building once housed a salon. 


3 thoughts on “Duffin’s Grocery. . .know anyone who remembers it?

  1. I was about 7 years-old the first time I came across the market. It was roughly 1968, I was riding my blue Schwinn StingRay west on Princeton, having ventured about as far as I ever had from my home on Herbert Ave. I was stunned to see a little grocery store on a residential street surrounded by bungalows. I vividly remember parking my bike, strolling through the store, buying some candy and marveling at the whole experience.

    Fast forward 45 years and this is now my home. It was restored in 1997, having been left in terrible disrepair by the Kingston sisters who ran it for many years as a beauty salon. I’d be happy to share some photos of what it looked like then, but the restoration was not without controversy. Many neighbors at the time fought it rather fiercely.

    Fortunately, today we get lots of passers-by commenting on how much they admire the property and the character it adds to our neighborhood. As someone who grew up in the Yalecrest neighborhood, I’m passionate about its preservation. Hopefully others agree our home adds rather than detracts from that goal.

    David Goldsmith

  2. I remember it well. Growing up on upper Herbert and exploring the neighborhoods on my bike I remember the day I rode by and couldn’t believe there was an active grocery in the middle of the block. Loved finding it and somehow imagined it as a little neighborhood secret.

    Now it is a neighborhood jewel. My brother and sister-in-law live there.

  3. I remember the first time I saw this house on Princeton. I couldn’t help thinking, “Well, that’s different.” Then I heard someone mention an old grocery store once existed below 1700 East and I immediately thought of this place and said, “I think I know exactly where it was!”

    Thanks, you guys, for sharing this info! And for preserving something very special and unique about our neighborhood. ‘Bet they sold great penny candy!

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