Over 100 Years Old

While reading a Salt Lake Tribune article on the Sarah Daft Home, these words caught my eye:

“What’s incredible is that it hasn’t been modified much in 100 years,” said Namba. “That’s a huge compliment to the 75 women on the board and the builders. They built a building that had permanence in mind, not a building meant to serve for 20 years. It has stood the test of time. Our nonprofit has been able to concentrate on the care of the residents, not necessarily in the preservation of the building. It is in remarkably great shape.”

Yalecrest has homes just as old.

And I believe Yalecrest builders were of the same mindset. They built homes of distinction, high quality, built to last. Existing Yalecrest homes are filled with interesting stories of their people and life in an earlier SLC.

This featured Yalecrest home (941 S 1300 East) was built in the same year (1913) as the Sarah Daft Home. Of course the landscape around it has changed a lot since then! 941S 1300E - iPad

Note: Shipler photo used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

-Kelly Marinan


One thought on “Over 100 Years Old

  1. That rock work ROCKS! and in looking at other pictures online there is a smokin’ fireplace in the back that would be a great start for our fireplace collage!

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