Revisiting Duffin’s Grocery Store

Built in 1925 with same set back as residential homes.

Built in 1925 with same set back as residential homes.

In June of 2013 we posted the pictures and a brief caption of 1604 E. Princeton Ave. Many have walked and driven by this house and wondered… Subsequently we received two comments, from brothers, about that property, originally known as Duffin’s Grocery Store. And serendipitously enough one of those brothers currently LIVES in the home! After contacting him and visiting several times and having K.E.E.P. Yalecrest’s historian research the property, it is our pleasure to share some more on this one of a kind gem that exists in our Yalecrest neighborhood. It has a rich and colorful history. We are so very fortunate to have Kara and David living in and being the caretakers of a significant piece of architectural and cultural history in our neighborhood. We owe them a debt of gratitude for ‘saving’ this structure. And that is why they are one of two recent recipients of the KEEP Yalecrest Excellence in Preservation Award.

As previously noted this was the original grocery store in Yalecrest.

Then in 1970 or 1971 was purchased by the infamous Kingston family and operated as Princeton Hair Fashions.

1604 Princeton Avenue, when it was a beauty salon.

It was purchased by its current residents in the 1990’s and transformed into a truly amazing living and working space. It was featured in the July/August 1999 Salt Lake Magazine.

It is a blend of original and modern living at its best. The pictures show the blasts from the past incorporated into the modern and functional living environment.

Included is the repurposing of the very thick wood original meat locker door that now leads to the pantry just off the kitchen. And contained within that pantry are storage baskets with the original signage that were actually used in the grocery store.

This door is about 6" thick!

This door is about 6″ thick!

What's the shelf life of this?

What’s the shelf life of this?

...still serving the same purpose today.

…still serving the same purpose today.

Pork Chops and .....

Pork Chops and …..

Across from the kitchen is an original Duffin’s cooler which is now backlit and provides glassed door storage.

Now used for display and storage in kitchen area.

Now used for display and storage in kitchen area.

And perhaps the most ‘treasured’ piece is the original safe! And it has never been opened; just imagine what could be in there (or not!).

Imagine what's inside...

Imagine what’s inside…

The original hard wood floors have been saved and patched with a unique and wonderful twist. There are thick square Plexiglas cutouts in the floor that are illuminated from the basement lights. During the day the house is brightly lit by the large skylights.

Several squares on main floor allow muted light up from the basement when lights are on.

Several squares on main floor allow muted light up from the basement when lights are on.


There is no wonder why this house was featured in Salt Lake Magazine and why K.E.E.P. Yalecrest wanted to recognize its owners, their vision and the dwelling itself for its historic place within the neighborhood.

—Jon Dewey


One thought on “Revisiting Duffin’s Grocery Store

  1. Jon, thanks for taking the time to learn more about the origins of our house and for sharing your impressions with our neighbors and others interested not just in Yalecrest preservation, but in the broader neighborhood preservation movement, of which we are a small part.

    We’ve always felt incredibly fortunate to live and work in this space, all the more so given the extraordinary backdrop of the Yalecrest neighborhood. We’re grateful for K.E.E.P.’s recognition of the effort that went into preserving this property and this small but precious slice of local history.

    David & Kara

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