Revisiting Drive Strips


After reading a previous post, ‘Where Have All The Drive Strips Gone?’, I ‘ve been more cognizant of driveway replacements. Interestingly enough the original style double drive strips are making a resurgence. In visiting with residents who have replaced with double strips and asking why the decision was made to replace the way they did, here are some responses:



Two driveways next to each other, cement side by side was way too much concrete. I wanted to keep to the original. Drive strips were there originally, it all supports the era and style.
 We wanted to do it because it extends the visual greenscape. Cement isn’t very attractive. Plus, drive strips were in keeping with the original style of the home.
 They are cooler, temperature wise and they are more quiant.
Another drive strip found...

Another drive strip found…

–Jon Dewey

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