Where Is It?



Where is it?  If you said, “Yalecrest,” you are absolutely correct.  Yalecrest is one neighborhood that was originally created as multiple subdivisions.  This snapshot is from a map of the Douglas Park Subdivision.  As to exactly where in Yalecrest this area can be seen today… here are a few hints to help you:

  1.  That is Michigan Ave coming in on the west/left and veering north.
  2.  Replace “Vista” with “Hubbard Ave”
  3.  Replace “Williams” with “Michigan Ave”
  4.  Replace “Roeber St” with “1500 East” and move that street east/right a bit.

Douglas Park was platted by the Douglas Heights Land and Improvement Company in Jan 1911.  E. W. Williams and Lou D. Sweet signed the Owner’s Dedication as officers of the company.  The streets didn’t turn out exactly as they were initially envisioned when this subdivision was platted over 100 years ago.  But, it’s pretty darn close!

— Kelly Marinan

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