Uinta(h) School 100 Year Celebration – Art Project

On Friday September 18th, Uintah School held its 100 year celebration.  It was a fun and exciting afternoon.  The Uintah PTA did a fabulous job organizing the celebration of which KEEP got to be a part of.  As you may remember from previous posts, KEEP got the original Uinta(h) concrete sign from Phil Snow who had rescued the sign when the original school was replaced with the new school.  This sign was framed by KEEP and put into the foyer of the school.  In addition, KEEP installed a plaque above the sign – honoring the schools history and the sign.  As part of the celebration on Friday KEEP hosted an art project for the children.  A long banner was created where the children signed their names and then put an imprint of their hand over their name.  This art piece will hang in the school for a while after which it will be put into a time capsule.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who made this project happen:

  • Jill Greenwood whose vision, creativity, hard work and artistic genius made this art project happen and who also helped on the design of the plaque.
  • Amy Reid for helping with the organization and execution of the art project.
  • Jon Dewey for helping with the installation of the original sign, plaque and the art project.
  • Kelly Marinan for helping with the history and design of the plaque by spending countless hours doing research and for taking the fabulous photos below.
  • Kim Childs for helping with the history and design of the plaque, his great knowledge of the original school as well as providing old photos for the celebration.
  • Lynn Pershing for helping with the art project.
  • KEEP board members Tracey Harty and Lisette Gibson who attended the celebration.
  • Phil Snow for saving the original sign.
  • Uintah PTA for planning and executing this great celebration.
  • The Children of Uintah for their participation in this art project and their enthusiasm for art and all things fun.

Here is to another FABULOUS 100 Years at Uintah!

IMG_5544 IMG_5586IMG_5548 IMG_5558 IMG_5567 IMG_5572 IMG_5584  IMG_5591


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