The rare and disappearing Cape Cod

The Yalecrest Neighborhood, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, continues to experience tear downs. Most recently Yalecrest lost a 1937 Cape Cod. At 3%, Cape Cod types of homes are rare in Yalecrest. Three additional and original, contributing status Cape Cods have been lost as well, dating back to 1935. Since this plan is rare, the four that have been torn down result in a 9% loss of our Cape Cods. It is unfortunate that this type of home continues to disappear, especially since it is rare to begin with.

1863 Hubbard

Built 1937-torn down 2015

1815 yalecrest (2)

Built 1938-torn down 2013

This property was singled out and recommended for intensive level research in the 2005 Reconnaissance Level Survey

1750 Hubbard 1750 East Hubbard

Built 1935-torn down 2015

1711 E Yalecrest

Built 1935-torn down 2007


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