Continued Street Light Restoration-CIP Application

After completing restoration of an original street lamp at the apex of Yale and Yalecrest, we began to survey, assess and inventory all the original street lamps in the Yalecrest neighborhood. There are several styles, generations and hybrids of street lamps. See pictures below.

Restored Street Lamp Basket

Restored Street Lamp Basket

Currently, we are waiting for our second restored street lamp cage and working with the city to replace on a post that is missing its cage entirely.

A few original lamp baskets in disrepair.

A few original lamp baskets in disrepair.

There are many, MANY more, that need attention; and in realizing this restoration project is too big a task for our neighborhood non-profit, KEEP Yalecrest has submitted a CIP (Capital Improvements Program) application for the restoration of the existing original street lamps within Yalecrest. It is important to restore these original street lamps as they are an integral part of Yalecrest’s history and a recognizable icon as people visit our National Register Historic District.

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SL 1cu 1

sl 5cu 5sl 3cu 3

sl 2cu 2

sl 4cu 4




One thought on “Continued Street Light Restoration-CIP Application

  1. This is a HUGE but important undertaking. It’s often the “small” details that help preserve a neighborhood’s charming characteristics.

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