2016 Heritage Awards from Preservation Utah (previously Utah Heritage Foundation)

This post is from Preservation Utah’s (previously Utah Heritage Foundation) website. Heritage Awards 2016.

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K.E.E.P. Yalecrest – Accomplishments in Historic Preservation


“K.E.E.P.” is an acronym for “Keep Educating and Encouraging Preservation” and that is exactly the mission in which members of this organization excel.  Composed of residents from the Yalecrest neighborhood of Salt Lake City, this all-volunteer organization advocates to preserve, protect, and educate their neighborhood. Yalecrest has one of the highest number of historic buildings within a National Register historic district in the state, with a remarkable 91% contributing structures within thousands of buildings.

However, the neighborhood has experienced significant development pressure that has resulted in teardowns and incompatible infill. Their education outreach presents opportunities for residents to participate in workshops by industry professionals that include: tax credit workshops, lectures on sustainability/renovation, masonry restoration work, historic windows, and earthquake retrofitting.

They have shown the community the value of their neighborhood by hosting several walking tours highlighting the diversity of historic architecture within Yalecrest as well as contributing in the development of processes adopted by the Salt Lake City Council in determining how local historic districts are created.

K.E.E.P.’s board and members have been directly involved in submission of the first ten local distoric district applications, successfully attaining four local historic district designations within Yalecrest with more pending. SLC Planning has even commended K.E.E.P. Yalecrest for the quality and thoroughness of these applications.

From their informational blog to advocacy at the State Legislature, K.E.E.P Yalecrest has quickly moved from a grassroots collective to a formidable organization with growing influence. Members of K.E.E.P. have a focused passion on raising awareness of the importance of preservation and the part it plays in the sustainability of our communities.




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