2017 Annual K.E.E.P. Yalecrest Meeting

K.E.E.P. Yalecrest hosted its annual meeting on April 1st, and it was a fantastic event. No foolin’.  Members and Board Members gathered at the house of Heidi and Scott Ingham. We shared food, drink and great comradery. KEEP’s accomplishments, goals and future endeavors were presented.






 The Pritchetts won the raffle, books in hand!


An unexpected highlight of the evening was when Constance Crompton (center) revealed that her uncle, John Boyden Sr.  built Scott and Heidi Ingham’s (our hosts) home in 1935/36. He and his wife Orpha, had four children (John, Steve, Carmen, Paul). They hatched chickens in the basement boiler room then kept them in the garage and used the south sunroom to start flowers from seed. John Boyden was twice a gubernatorial candidate. This house is currently described as a Colonial revival, however it was not built in this style originally. John undertook a major renovation (including the massive brick wall on the south side of the property) in the 1960s. Constance, a Yalecrest resident and member of KEEP Yalecrest, shared childhood stories and memories from the house.









Constances uncle was instrumental in representing the Native Americans. These tiles in the basement fireplace are remarkable! And a testament to his commitment to the tribes. Thank you to Scott and Heidi for opening your house for this event!














One thought on “2017 Annual K.E.E.P. Yalecrest Meeting

  1. Constance wrote the following about her uncle:

    John Sterling Boyden, Sr. 1906-1980

    Early in his legal career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney John Boyden represented the Navajo, Ute and several other tribes. Later, in private practice, he represented the Hopi people in an ancestral land dispute arguing the long-running case before the U.S. Supreme Court. In recognition for his 40 years of service to the tribe he was declared “an honorary member of the Hopi Tribal Council and honorary Hopi tribal elder.” He was the first Utah attorney to be inducted as a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

    May I add, among many interests, John presided over a garden club, raised prize-winning pigs, was a devout Mormon, family man and a dedicated life-long Democrat.
    His partner Orpha Sweeten Boyden was also accomplished, raising 4 children and participating in numerous community affairs. That is another story.

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