2010-11 News Stories about Yalecrest


June 23 The Salt Lake Tribune‘Saturday’s Voyeur’ throws a tea party

June 15 The Salt Lake Tribune Yalecrest up for $25,000 preservation prize

Mar. 3  Whittney Evans (KCPW News) A bill that imposes a one-year moratorium on new historic districts is only one vote away from being sent to the governor’s desk. SB 243 has jammed a wedge between residents of Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood. Democratic Representative Larry Wiley told a House Committee this morning that there’s no leadership from the city on this issue, and a moratorium would be a step in the right direction.

“Why hasn’t the mayor chimed in on this and stepped in and brought these people together and worked out the issues?” he said. “I guess I’m somewhat appalled but then it doesn’t surprise me, so, I think this is one way with a moratorium to bring people together and force the issue with or without the mayor, and bring this to a head.”

Republican Representative Jack Draxler said he’s torn over the idea of a moratorium, but he voted against the bill on the grounds that the state is exerting too much power.

“We talk a lot about local control until we think it’s time to control the locals and I just don’t think this is appropriate,” argued Draxler. “There’s nothing preventing the neighborhood from coming together, other than their own stubbornness.”

The bill failed to pass out of committee earlier this week, but was approved on a 9-to-2 vote this morning when it was reconsidered. It’s been amended so that the moratorium is targeted directly at the Yalecrest neighborhood. Now the bill goes to the House floor.

Mar. 2 Salt Lake Tribune Ban on Yalecrest historic district advances

Feb. 19 Salt Lake Tribune Opinion – The Thumb
THUMB DOWN: Hold on, there • The Utah Legislature is for local government, the level of government closest to the people, except when it’s not. Witness SB243, Sen. Wayne Niederhauser’s bill that would slap a one-year moratorium on the creation of historic districts by cities. The bill by the Sandy Republican is aimed at Salt Lake City, which has been wrestling for months with whether and how to create a historic district in the Yalecrest neighborhood. The issue has pitted neighbor against neighbor in a bitter dispute. The two sides seem to be roughly equal in numbers, and the City Council has been paralyzed. It is doubtful, though, that a yearlong moratorium imposed by the Legislature, most of whose members couldn’t find Yalecrest on a bet, is going to help the city craft a solution to the debate caused by property owners who tear down old homes to build minimansions.

Feb. 16 An Open Letter to the Utah Legislature Regarding Utah History

Feb. 16 What is the big deal about Historic Neighborhood designation?

Feb. 16 What is the big deal about Historic Neighborhood designation Part 2

Feb. 16 Deseret News Moratorium on Yalecrest historic district passes Senate committee

Feb. 16 Salt Lake Tribune Another setback in push for Salt Lake City historic district

Feb. 15 KSTU-TV Fox 13 Bill passes committee to postpone Yalecrest historic district decision

Feb. 15 Salt Lake Tribune Bill would ice Yalecrest Historic District for a year

Dec. 4 Salt Lake Tribune editorial by Jan Hemming Yalecrest community deserves to be preserved


Oct. 30 Salt Lake Tribune letter to the editor by Fientje Allis Treasure hunt

Oct. 24 Salt Lake Tribune letter to the editor by Gerda Orrock Create historic district

Oct. 18 Salt Lake Tribune letter to the editor by Jan Ellen Burton Yalecrest future

Sept. 29 Salt Lake Tribune Yalecrest preservation effort reincarnated

Sept. 19 Salt Lake Tribune op ed by Jon Dewey Yalecrest neighborhood should be a Local Historic District

Aug. 12 Salt Lake Tribune Planners reject demolition rule for Yalecrest

Aug. 7 Deseret News Yalecrest preservation issues still bubbling

Aug. 6 Salt Lake Tribune Ruling could lead to Yalecrest demolitions

New online forum introduced by City Talk back to City Hall — online | The Salt Lake Tribune

July 12 Salt Lake Tribune editorial board once again supports preservation of Yalecrest, opinion July 7, Protect Yalecrest and gives it a Thumbs Up  The Thumb

July 7 Salt Lake Tribune Is Yalecrest Historic? story on Salt Lake City Council passing new ordinance lifting temporary zoning on part of the neighborhood

June 16 Salt Lake Tribune recap of Salt Lake City Council Meeting “Yalecrest weighs its legacy and future”

June 9 Salt Lake City Weekly “Salt Lake City Council grapples with social media”

May 28 Salt Lake City Weekly blog  “Former Gov. Leavitt says legislature should tackle monster homes”

May 26 KSL-TV Channel 5 reporter Sandra Yi interviewed residents before the last neighborhood meeting

May 26 Salt Lake City Weekly editorial May 26. John Saltas, says Salt Lake City is following in the footsteps of Athens, in a bad way

May 19 KUTV-TV Channel 2 reporter Fields Moseley attended the neighborhood discussion at Uintah Elementary

May 19 ABC-4 news producer Matthew Gephart Tweeted “Standing room only at meeting to decide yes or no on making Yalecrest area historic”

TwitPic from @MatthewGephart

May 5 KSL-TV Channel 5 reporter John Daley reported on the preservation debate


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