Library Lecture and Education Series continues…

With over 35 people in attendance, the popularity of the K.E.E.P Library lecture education series continues.  Last month, John Lambert from Abstract Masonry Restoration shared his masonry knowledge and experience with historic structures in Yalecrest (est. 1911) and significantly restored iconic buildings in Salt Lake City.

“Do you have cracks in your brick exterior walls?  Missing mortar between bricks?  Missing or loose bricks and mortar on your chimney?”  If you have answered yes, read on.

To read more about Mr. Lambert’s lecture, click here Masonry lecture 110217

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Changes in Bonneville Glen and Miller Park

Sycamore tree-lined streets, beautifully restored street lamps, historically significant architecture, a welcoming supportive neighborhood,  and Miller Park are just some of the incredible amenities we enjoy living in Yalecrest.

There are many changes happening in Bonneville Glen and Miller Park and it is not just the weather…

As some of you may know who frequent the trails of Miller Park and the lower section owned privately by the LDS church known as Bonneville Glen, Red Butte Creek ran its banks in late July and then again in September.  The area experienced significant erosion leaving the viewing platform in shambles and other areas of the park severely damaged.   Several contractors are restoring the area so that we may continue to enjoy the beautiful trails.    The repairs are well under-way especially in the Bonneville Glen area where a new bridge has been placed.  As of yesterday October 26, the viewing platform located on the 900 south entrance to the Park has been completed.

Miller Park is a daily walk for me and my four-legged pals (Max and Theo) and one of the wonderful amenities living in Yalecrest.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.




K.E.E.P Honors Kathy Nielsen, Former Director – Utah Heritage Foundation Historic Homes Tour

K.E.E.P. Membership Fall Octoberfest Event, September 30, 2017

Members of K.E.E.P Yalecrest gathered at the home of Heidi and Scott Ingham on the eve of September 30, to celebrate K.E.E.P’s successes and honor long-time resident of Yalecrest and former Director of Utah Heritage Foundation, Kathy Nielsen.

In her years associated with Preservation Utah, formerly known as Utah Heritage Foundation, Kathy successfully orchestrated the annual Historic Homes Tour, exposing the greater public to neighborhoods of the city with historic significance, notable architecture, and interesting and important residents who helped shape Salt Lake City.  It was quite fitting that Kathy would choose Yalecrest as the final Historic Homes tour of her career.  Kathy has recently retired from Preservation Utah.

Along with celebrating Kathy, Members of K.E.E.P Yalecrest, enjoyed the lovely fall weather, a hearty Octoberfest themed meal, gathered information on upcoming events and most importantly,  learned about encouraging preservation in our own Yalecrest neighborhood.

Upcoming events:

Library Education Series: November 2, 2017, 7-8:45 p.m. Anderson Foothill Library 1135 South 2300 East

John Lambert of Abstract Masonry will discuss repairing your bricks and mortar with specific help for our 80-100-year-old chimneys.

March TBA  Library Education Series welcomes, Cynthia Bee “12 ways to increase Your Curb Appeal”

April TBA Annual K.E.E.P Membership meeting

June TBA First Annual K.E.E.P Garden tour

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