Notecards for Sale

We’ve put together blank note cards with Yalecrest-specific images, such as the cool original entry doors found in the neighborhood and great examples of bathroom porcelain tiles found in homes on Princeton Avenue.Yalecrest note cards

We also have the last remaining cards from the Bonneville Elementary student art projects painted during their studies of various architectural styles in our neighborhood a few years ago.

Cards are $10 for a pack of 6 and include envelopes.  Email us to order.

To get your complimentary pack of cards, simply join K.E.E.P. Yalecrest!
It’s our way of saying, “Thanks for your support.”

Bonneville Cards (4)

Bonneville student art note cards; one in a series of 10

Bonneville student art; Recognize this house?

Bonneville student art; Recognize this house?

Note Cards 008

“Princeton Porcelain” note cards


“Doors of Yalecrest” note cards

Photo Collages for Sale

We also have 8 x 10 photo collages of unique architectural features found in Yalecrest.  Great for gifts or decorating your home or office!
$7 each, email us to order:

Princeton Porcelain CollagePorticos 1

Doors of Yalecrest


3 thoughts on “STORE

  1. We generally have these prepackaged with 2 tile cards, 2 door cards and 2 Bonneville Elementary House painting cards. Just a random selection. However we’re currently working on putting together more student’s paintings cards. So for now it would be 3 different tile cards and 3 different door cards randomly packaged.

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