Where Have All the Drive Strips Gone?

Drive strips are historic site features that have largely been lost in Yalecrest.  It’s often one of the first things people change when they buy into the neighborhood.

At one time, Yalecrest was filled with driveways that looked like this:

Collage of Yalecrest Original Drive Strips

But now surviving drive strips are very difficult to find.

On my block there are 28 homes. Only two have drive strips. And only one of these still has both its original garage and hasn’t changed its roofline or front facade. I don’t think the owner realized he had a one-of-a-kind, still standing strong, unique piece of block history, until I pointed it out. I’m hoping the next owner will see the same historic value and be able to survive the ongoing mansionization trend in Yalecrest.

Can you imagine a whole block of drive strips?  With the added greenery and the smaller garages, I’m thinking it must’ve given residents a feeling of spaciousness and peace. Like, your neighbors definitely aren’t right on top of you. It was probably a subtle feeling… residing in their subconscious.

Note #1:  Photos courtesy of Salt Lake County Archives.

Note #2:  I apologize for the quality.  I was taking pictures of pictures.

—Kelly Marinan