K.E.E.P. Yalecrest Awards

As part of our mission to encourage preservation of Yalecrest homes, K.E.E.P. Yalecrest awards plaques to homeowners for their notable preservation efforts. Additionally we now offer a Centennial Plaque for 100-year-old homes—see below! If you’re interested in a Centennial Plaque for your 100-year-old home, please contact us so we can work together in celebrating your home.

2017 Awards

The owners of 945 S. Fairview Ave were recognized by Preservation Utah (formerly Utah Heritage Foundation) with the 2017 Compatible Addition Heritage Award.

K.E.E.P. Yalecrest working with Preservation Utah commissions and installs a plaque recognizing great preservation efforts in Yalecrest! Congratulations!


NE view of finished addition including long vertical window on North sideIMG_1433-2










2016 Awards
Three plaques have been awarded:

  • One honoring a Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award Winner for Renovation/Remodel (1419 E. Harvard Ave);
  • One for Excellence in Preservation Award for Window Restoration (1616 E. Harvard Ave);
  • And our Centennial Plaque for the 100-year-old home at 1444 E. Yale Ave.

Thank you and congratulations to all.  

1419 E. Harvard Ave. — Utah Heritage Foundation Award for Renovation/Remodel
gibbons home

1616 E. Harvard Ave. — Window Restoration

1444 E. Yale Ave. — Our first exclusive Centennial Plaque!
If you have a 100-year-old home and want to recognize it, contact us and we’ll work with you.

2015 Awards

Two Yalecrest Homes were recognized in 2015 by the Utah Heritage Foundation for Restoration/Renovation/Remodel

1356 E. Thornton Ave.

1532 E. Michigan Ave.

2014 Awards
Yalecrest Excellence in Preservation Award recipients: Ryan and Misti Nelson and David Goldsmith and Kara DiOrio.

The Nelsons have taken a previous duplex at 1115 S. 1500 East (originally known as 1503 Harvard Ave.) and turned it back into a magnificent single family home.

1503 Harvard

However, the amazing accomplishment recognized here is the attention to detail and extensive effort in their original window restoration. This included tracking down original widows that were removed and in storage out of state, reclaiming them and having them meticulously disassembled and restored to their original glory. Seriously, check them out!



1604 PrincetonDavid and Kara also have a compelling story. The 1604 E. Princeton Ave. location was never intended to be used as a home. Built in 1925 specifically as Yalecrest’s first grocery store, it was subsequently used as a hair salon. It was a perfect candidate for a tear down and thankfully its current owner had the vision and wherewithal to see the future of this dwelling differently.

It is an incredible transformation and K.E.E.P. Yalecrest wanted to recognize its valuable and historic relevance to the neighborhood. The grocery store was called Duffin’s and some remarkable finds from the original market have been put to use within the house.

Coincidentally and unbeknownst to the board members,both of the award-winning houses have been featured in local magazines!


Built in 1925 with same set back as residential homes.

Built in 1925 with same set back as residential homes.

Read our blog post about Duffin’s Grocery Store, the original structure at 1604 E. Princeton Avenue, and the current residents. More >>

1341 E. Michigan Ave

Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award Winner for renovation

Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award Winner for renovation

1341 Michigan-2014 Heritage Award Winner

2013 Awards
Two Yalecrest Homes recognized by the Utah Heritage Foundation for Compatible Additions; one in 2013 and one in 2011
1724 E. Princeton Ave. – 2013 

1724 E. Princeton Ave

2013 Utah Heritage Foundation Award Winner-Compatible Addition

1762 E. Michigan Ave. – 2011

Utah Heritage Foundation Heritage Award Winner-Compatible Addition-2011

KEEP Yalecrest Plaque (2)


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